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Historical Archive Instructions

Welcome to the Newsroom Historical Archive tool. This quick-search tool can be used to help you quickly and easily find specific historic news announcements that existed on our previous version news site, the Intel Press Room. The archive contains roughly 14½ years worth of Intel news up through the end of June, 2010, and contains a complete resource of historic photos, videos and press kits in addition to the over 3,100 news releases available. If you are looking for more recent news from July 1, 2010 forward, use the News Archive ,where you can find content news storyed within our new version news site, the Intel Newsroom .

Follow these simple steps to find the content you're looking for:

  1. Be sure first to set a time span that you believe includes the news you're looking for
  2. Select the check boxes next to the Type of news if you want to narrow the results to just press releases, for example, or select 'All Types' if you want as much content as available to be returned.
  3. You can narrow your search results by choosing a Category that your search focuses on, or again, choose All Categories if you want a broad range, or if you are not sure which category(ies) to choose.
  4. Enter your search keyword (could be a product name, event name, etc) into the keyword field and click the search icon.
  5. If you get a lot of results, you can go back and further filter the results if desired using the Type and Category filters, or if you do not get enough results you may want to extend the time window you are searching, as well as broaden the Type and Category filters if selected.

If you have comments or issues with the Historical Archive, please use this form to request help with locating specific news content and we'll do our best to help.