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Today I wanted to alert all interested folks about this year's Research @ Intel Europe event which will take place at our large Intel site in Leixlip, Ireland the week of October 10. More specifically there will actually be two events combined: The European Research and Innovation Conference (ERIC) and Research @ Intel Europe. For those who are not familiar with the Research @ Intel concept please feel free to check out the international event  that happened a couple of weeks ago.


After Research @ Intel Europe in Brussels last year the event in Ireland will be the second of this series to take place in Europe. The event will be hosted by Intel Labs Europe (ILE) and R&D locations who are part of the ILE network will exhibit demos of their current projects. We expect about 20+ demos to be shown in Leixlip as well as a number of Intel's smartest people: Intel Fellows and Senior Fellows. There may also be a very special guest, but I will announce that later - once I'm able to confirm that. So this should once again become a very exciting R&D focused event on European grounds.


So mark your calendars for October 12/13 for Research @ Intel Europe and October 12-14 for the European Research and Innovation Conference.




Prof. Martin Curley, Intel Senior Principal Engineer and Director of Intel Labs Europe at the opening of

Research @ Intel Europe, 2010 in Brussels.