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Patrick Darling

Welcome to the Intel Newsroom!

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Intel Press Room

The previous version Intel Press Room served as a sandbox for experimenting with many of the features that made their way into the next-generation Intel Newsroom.

In August 2010 we launched our new Intel Newsroom site, a culmination of several years of research and experimentation of best practices in the use of social media, multimedia, search engine optimization (SEO) and a range of interactive tools, all developed to extend the effectiveness and reach of our online corporate PR activities - or in simple speak, to help carry and spread the Intel story.


The new site is tailored for advanced:

  • Content Portability—using RSS, cut-n-paste, embeddable snippets and other means to make all Intel news content and supporting multimedia portable from point of origin out to limitless online destinations (bloggers, subscribers, readers, news aggregators, etc.)
  • Content Shareability—making Intel news content easy for our audience to quickly grab and share on Twitter*, Facebook*, Google Buzz*, Digg*, etc. using share widgets, offering short pre-made tweet samples w/short URLs, etc.
  • Content Searchability—making sure content is optimized in every possible way to organically rank at the top of search engines for keywords that we are targeting


In addition to the wide range of features integrated into the site’s content (content-rich media kits, share, like and utility toolbars, social integration), what makes the site truly unique is that the new Newsroom is built on a community platform. This enables us not only to have a dynamic publishing engine which dramatically increases our ability to extend the reach of Intel news far beyond the walls of, but also allows us to build, broaden and deepen relationships with our increasingly diverse online audience spanning everyone from global journalists and influencers to bloggers, enthusiasts, consumers and even the techie person in the family that everyone turns to for advice on buying their next PC or computing device. The community-based news site model is a pioneering step in the world of corporate PR in a time when the PR industry is making major shifts from traditional to online and social media, so the Intel Newsroom is enabling us to forge ahead in the spirit of innovation, continuous improvement and ongoing experimentation.


For headlines and additional coverage about the Intel Newsroom, check out:


You’re now invited to explore the Intel Newsroom site and even sign up if you wish. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.


Thanks for visiting the new Intel Newsroom!


Patrick Darling

Online Media Relations Manager

@patrickdarling  |  @intelnews