Intel received an award from the German Government for the development of the 48-core concept, Single Chip Cloud Computer. The research chip won the German Innovation Prize for Climate and the Environment in the category "Environmentally Friendly Technologies" for the chip's energy-efficient design and innovative power management features. Developing "green IT" is one focus area for Intel researchers. The research chip is the result of many Intel research centers working together from around the world and has been shared with dozens of worldwide research partners through Intel's Many-core Applications Research Community (MARC), a program aimed at spurring innovations in highly parallel software. Intel plans to match the 25,000 Euro prize and donate it to a scholarship program which sponsors talented, high-profile students in Germany. For more information read the Greener IT, one core at a time... blog post.

Today Intel announced that an Intel® Cluster Ready certified 500-node cluster by NEC has helped speed application performance by about five times at the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Bavaria’s second largest state university and a leading research university. To improve the researchers’ productivity, NEC worked with the university to replace the school’s existing high-performance computing (HPC) platform. NEC used Intel® Xeon® 5650 processors to create the largest Intel Cluster Ready certified system to date. The new system processed research applications faster and gave researchers the ability to run more complex calculations.

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