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As an extension of its sponsorship with Discovery Channel’s "Curiosity" series, Intel has created "Tangled Curiosity," a universal iOS puzzle game that integrates live streaming social data from players’ personal feeds and others. One of the first iOS games to use live data feeds as part of the play experience, Tangled Curiosity incorporates graphics, progressive touch mechanics and an innovative use of the social graph. Designed to be fun and visually stimulating, Tangled Curiosity challenges players to solve mind- and finger-bending puzzles while uncovering content from Intel iQ, Curiosity and affiliated social networks. As puzzles are solved, players unlock facts about science and technology, and can share their data trees and game progress with friends and followers. Tangled Curiosity is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and requires iOS 6.0. Tangled Curiosity can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Review the Tangled Curiosity demo video on YouTube.


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