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What are the blessings and frustrations with keeping, or sharing secrets?  Intel Design Researcher Ashwini Asokan shares her research on how technology is used to keep secrets in her home country of India. Intrigued? Learn more about Asokan’s observations of India’s relationship with technology in Scoop’s latest blog post “Hiding Behind Technology” at

Do you use technology to build relationships? Intel Social Scientist Kathi Kitner does, and apparently so do women all over the world. In the latest guest post from Intel Scoop’s  series of articles on stress and technology, Kathi discusses how she and other women use technology to “tend and befriend” – a phrase used to describe women’s tendency to “tend” (care for others) and “befriend” (connect with others) – when stress levels increase. Read the Kathi’s post at

Has technology become akin to a baby’s pacifier in relieving stress? Intel anthropologist Ken Anderson explores this connection and shares his research in the latest of a series of articles on the Intel Inside Scoop about the relationships between technology and stress. Follow and join the discussion on

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