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Holiday travel planning can be stressful, costly and a painful chore. With an array of new travel apps available to help streamline the planning and booking process, mobile devices can be one of the best travel gadgets you own. In this month’s episode of 'Mobile Insights Radio with Peter Biddle,' ReeD Martin, director of Design & User Experience at Mobiata/Expedia discusses how mobile has put the human experience back into travel, with apps streamlining everything from travel planning, to booking, to travel management flow.  Mobile Insights Radio, hosted by Peter Biddle, Intel engineer and executive, is an online radio program that brings together a variety of perspectives to discuss the fusion of technology, life, culture and science.

Wind River has developed open source, real-time kernel virtualization software for the demands of next-generation telecommunications equipment,  network functions virtualization (NFV) and cloud initiatives. Delivering high performance and low-latency matching native environments, Wind River Open Virtualization Profile enables services to be rapidly deployed and run anywhere on the network while reducing total cost of ownership for service providers. Optimized for Intel® architecture, Open Virtualization Profile is integrated with Intel Data Plane Development Kit and supports Intel DPDK Accelerated Open vSwitch. For more information, view the news release and offering.

Intel today announced the completion of two concurrent company acquisitions. Aepona is an industry leader in API exposure and monetization platforms for service providers around the world, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Mashery provides world class technology solution for API Management and monetization, headquartered in San Francisco, California. These services allow Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), network providers, enterprises and OEMs to securely grant access to their network resources while achieving monetization opportunities. The acquisitions are part of Intel’s efforts to build a portfolio of services that bring compelling experiences across all platforms and hardware architectures, further accelerating the delivery of integrated, cross-platform solutions. Aepona and Mashery teams will be integrated into the Intel Services Division.

Intel wants to remind people everywhere to switch to more secure passwords by adding a new day to the calendar: May 7th for Password Day. Find simple tips and guides towards digital strength at Over the three weeks following password day, those who pledge to change their passwords at will be entered to win one of three touch-enabled Ultrabook convertibles as well as the latest McAfee security software. Join us today to eradicate your vulnerable passwords!

Intel is launching an online video conversation platform called 60 Second Insights, created to bring together leaders in their respective areas to share their visions and perspectives on technology and mobility - how our culture, business, art to our youth, family and health are impacted and how technology and mobility will evolve going forward. 60 Second Insights is out to capture the enthusiasm that we all share on mobility and technology and also create a platform for an ongoing conversation on where we go from here. The first of these videos featuring executives from companies such as Ericsson, DreamWorks, Pandora and TechShop and innovators including a National Geographic explorer and fashion designer are now LIVE for viewing.

The application of technology in the classroom can alter the way how students learn. With PCs powered by the Intel Atom processor, classrooms in countries like Argentina, Macedonia, Georgia and Portugal are not just putting technology into schools, they are changing lives. However, countries need to choose the right technology solutions to really make a difference in their education system. Paige Johnson, Education Strategist for Intel, blogs on her observations as educational institutions across the globe increasingly embrace technology in classrooms and challenges they are facing.

What cool technologies will 2011 bring?  Check out Intel’s predictions including from CTO Justin Rattner and CIO Diane Bryant and share some of your own.

The latest Intel-powered convertible classmate PC has been selected for the Tech & Learning’s 2010 Award of Excellence as one of the “Best Upgraded Products” of the year. Introduced in April 2010, the convertible classmate PC is rugged, kid-friendly and water-resistant, designed to enhance learning and help teachers be more effective. Tech & Learning’s Awards of Excellence recognizes outstanding educational technology products and creative new offerings that help educators in the classroom. For more information, view Tech & Learning’s press release here.

John E. Davies, general manager of Intel’s World Ahead program, has been honored as Technology Leader of the Year by Latin Trade’s Bravo Business Award. The Bravo Business Award recognizes Latin American leaders in government, business, finance, technology, environmental and humanitarian fields. Davies was awarded for his work to increase access to computers and broadband technology in developing countries as well as philanthropic efforts such as bringing telemedicine to a remote town in the Brazilian Amazon.

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