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The new Cisco Cius, built using the Intel® Atom™ Processor, is the first collaborative tablet built specifically for businesses. Available now, it's made for companies that need a mobile solution – like those in the healthcare, retail, finance and manufacturing industries. Mobile workers using the Cius have access to all their important Android applications, better collaboration with colleagues and increased productivity. CIOs and IT managers have a device that is integrated into the company’s infrastructure and has the control needed to keep the system manageable, safe and secure. Check out the post from Intel's Bill Kircos where he talks more about Cius for businesses.

Addicted to the History Channel? Test your history knowledge with History Channel Trivia. A variety of questions keep playing fun and challenging while you try to take the highest score on the charts. Particularly fond of U.S. History? The McGraw-Hill U.S. History Quiz app quizzes your knowledge of American history with 80 multiple-choice questions and answers. Want to pass on the love of history to your children? Start them early with Putt-Putt Travels Through Time. Together with Putt-Putt, your children will leap through time - exploring new dimensions and discovering new friends. Visit the Intel AppUpSM center for more fun history apps.

E4 Computer Engineering, an Italian IT company with HPC recognition, and reference customers such as e.g. C.E.R.N. and EPFL, has recently completed a further step to maintain excellence in the research and development of highly-advanced HPC solutions by obtaining the Intel® Cluster Ready certification for the system E-Cluster 7225. The Intel Cluster Ready certification helps to ensure E-Clusters, from 4 to hundreds of nodes, based on Intel® Xeon® 5600 series processors, InfiniBand and Ethernet, are ready to install and run all major parallel ISV applications out-of-the-box. Learn more about E4's Intel Cluster Ready solutions


  • Intel Labs announces its fifth Intel Science and Technology Center focused on pervasive computing.
  • The center is hosted at the University of Washington in collaboration with five other universities.
  • Intel's collaboration with university researchers will accelerate the development of next-generation technologies that can learn, adapt and interact to provide consumers with a personalized experience.
  • Initial research is focused on three concept applications: mobile health and wellbeing; task management systems; and a family coordination system.



SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 26, 2011 – The newest Intel Science and Technology Center (ISTC) will focus on delivering technologies that offer a richer, more personalized experience to consumers of the future. By creating and funding an ecosystem of leading researchers in the field and providing a collaborative environment, Intel Corporation and its partners' goal is to accelerate the development of next-generation technologies capable of continuously learning and adapting to consumers' needs.


The new Intel ISTC for pervasive computing is the fifth center to open this year and underscores Intel's commitment to establishing and funding the collaboration of university research to fuel innovation in key areas. Earlier this year Intel announced ISTCs for visual computing, secure computing, cloud computing and embedded computing.


"The next generation of pervasive computing systems will continuously learn environments, objects, schedules and preferences of their users," said Limor Fix, Intel's director of academic programs and research. "These future apps will be capable of supporting complex tasks such as cooking a soufflé or building a complicated piece of furniture. Consumers will have a far richer experience than the technologies of today can offer and will be able to spend far more time achieving their goals than figuring out how to make the technology work."


Pervasive Computing Research

The ISTC for pervasive computing research will focus on developing applications that are organized into the following themes: low-power sensing and communication; understanding human state and activities; and personalization and adaptation. To ensure the trustworthiness and security of the systems involved and to safeguard privacy, researchers who focus on these challenges will be involved in all of the center's projects. The center will explore task spaces that interact seamlessly with users by combining multiple cues such as a person's context, gestures and voice, and that provide assistance through multiple output modes such as audio and projected imagery. Ultimately, future systems will support applications that have much deeper awareness of users and their activities, context and goals. They will be able to learn and adapt continuously to consumer habits, routines and preferences.


Research at the new ISTC will center largely on developing new algorithms to extract complex context and activity information from sensor data. For instance, the algorithms will not only sense that someone is in the kitchen but that the person is slicing ingredients for a particular recipe and whether the cuts are too thick for the recipe being used.


Pervasive Computing Applications
Improving consumers' physical and emotional wellbeing, assisting in the coordination of busy lives and enhancing the home functionality are high-value application areas. The ISTC for pervasive computing will develop three concept applications:


  • Mobile Health and Wellbeing: To improve physical and emotional wellbeing, the center will explore developing technologies to help consumers identify, manage and reduce stress and anxiety in their daily lives. Researchers aim to develop mobile systems that can understand the complex context of their users' lives – both in and outside the home – and learn about their routines, interactions and stressors.
  • Family Coordination System: Building a smart home system that can learn, recognize and track the everyday activities of all members of the family. The system will track activities at different levels and use activity information to assist families in planning.
  • Task Space, Smart Kitchen: A demo space that illustrates how pervasive computing can help with physical tasks that don't typically involve a computer -- cooking a complex recipe or building a piece of furniture, for instance.


With the University of Washington operating as the hub, the ISTC for pervasive computing combines researchers from six U.S. research universities including Georgia Institute of Technology, Cornell University, University of Rochester, UCLA and Stanford University. The ISTC for pervasive computing is co-led by Dieter Fox, associate professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, and Anthony LaMarca, a senior scientist at Intel.


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About Intel
Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom.intel.com and blogs.intel.com.


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New Health Education and Learning Program to Enable Technology Accessibility to One Million Healthcare Workers in Developing Countries by 2015



  • Introduces Intel's 1Mx15 Health Program which will bring technology training to 1 million healthcare workers in developing countries by the end of 2015
  • Includes the Intel Skoool™ Healthcare Education Platforms that provides anytime anywhere multimedia content delivery and an assessment platform
  • Sri Lanka will be the first country to take part in Intel's 1MX15 Health Program and adopt the Intel Skoool™ Healthcare Education Platform




New York, Sept. 23, 2011 – Intel® announced the 1Mx15 Health Program which will bring ICT training to one million healthcare workers in developing countries by the end of 2015. The program will enable healthcare workers with technology, education tools and 21st century ICT skills to help accelerate progress toward better health primarily for women and children. In collaboration with governments, private industry, development communities and academia the program will establish various country initiatives to increase the availability, affordability and usage of computers, and broadband.


As part of this program, Intel created The Intel Skoool™ Healthcare Education Platform that provides an anytime anywhere multi-media content delivery and assessment platform. The platform is designed to help the need for health education and capacity building of the healthcare workforce in developing countries. It will have an open access license with no charge.


Sri Lanka will be the first country to deploy the Intel Skoool™ Healthcare Education Platform designed for the educational needs of healthcare workers and students in their country.


"Sri Lanka has taken some unique steps that other countries could emulate," said the government of Sri Lanka. "Some of these projects have already commenced at grassroots level through collaborations with industry partners such as Intel."


John Davies, Intel Vice President of the World Ahead Program said, "We are very excited to support the UN Nation's Every Woman, Every Child Initiative and believe that our 1Mx15 Health Program and the Intel Skoool™ Healthcare Education Platform will help governments address the training needs of their healthcare workforce. We believe a well-trained healthcare workforce will enable better access to quality healthcare for women and children."



About World Ahead

The Intel World Ahead Program promotes access to technology to the next billion people that helps enrich their lives and stimulate economic opportunity. Millions of people each year are getting access to helpful technology, high-speed connectivity, education and healthcare improvements, and digital content that helps them achieve sustainable social and economic gains. Key programs focus on increasing access to technologies best suited for local needs; connections to the world via high-speed Internet technologies; education that prepares youth for the future; localized Internet content and services to improve lives; and healthcare improvements via technology.


About Intel
Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom.intel.com and blogs.intel.com.


Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.


* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

Appro, a provider of supercomputing solutions, announced today its next-generation of the Appro Xtreme-X™ Supercomputer, named Gordon, will use Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Solid-State Drive 710 Series to drive an unprecedented 35 million Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS). This will drive some of the world's most advanced scientific research applications capable of analyzing individual genomes to tailor drugs to specific patients, developing more accurate prediction of earthquake's impact on buildings and offering greater insights to planet climate change.

Today the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and University of Texas announced that they will deploy a 10 petaflop (or 10,000 trillion operations per second) supercomputer called “Stampede”.  Scheduled to power on in early 2013, 20 percent of the supercomputer’s performance will be delivered by future Intel® Xeon® E5 processors and 80 percent, which is equivalent to 8 petaflops, will be provided by Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture co-processors codenamed “Knights Corner”.


Read Intel director Joe Curley’s blog here and see why Intel is excited about the first announcement of a supercomputer that will include thousands of Intel MIC devices.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 22, 2011 – Intel Corporation's board of directors has declared a 21 cents per share (84 cents per share on an annual basis) quarterly dividend on the company's common stock.


The dividend will be payable on Dec. 1, 2011 to stockholders of record on Nov. 7, 2011.


About Intel
Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom.intel.com and blogs.intel.com.


Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.


* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.


Grammy Award-winning recording artist Jason Mraz has teamed with Asus and Intel Corporation for "In Search Of Incredible," a global campaign celebrating the launch of the ASUS new N Series notebook. With audio capabilities developed in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®, one of the world's leading audio-visual brands, and a 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor, the ASUS new N Series offers users a truly incredible multimedia experience. Mraz has joined forces with Intel and ASUS to create a unique global competition, calling on entrants from 16 countries to submit their ideas of the incredible. Participants are being asked to upload a description of what they find incredible along with any supporting imagery or multimedia content. The incredible prize for the global winner will be the chance to turn their incredible story into a short film with a professional film crew at their disposal. The film will then serve as the final installment in the "Search for Incredible" online film series, which will be screened in January at an exclusive event in Park City, Utah. Mraz, who will be on hand at the screening, is taking an active role in reviewing and selecting the winner. For complete rules and additional information regarding the competition, visit www.insearchofincredible.com. The site also will feature webisodes capturing Mraz’s own quest for incredible. They also can be viewed on the campaign's YouTube channel. Additionally, Mraz has revealed a new song, titled "The World As I See It," which is the theme of the "In Search of Incredible" campaign. The track is streaming now on Mraz’s official website.

Nation's Most Innovative Math and Science Schools Awarded with More than $1 Million


  • Schools with exceptional math and science programs were recognized in Washington, D.C. at the Intel Schools of Distinction Awards.
  • Valley Christian Junior High from San Jose, Calif. won the top award of $125,000.
  • Other schools from California, Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota and Oregon were recognized.



WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 20, 2011 –Valley Christian Junior High in San Jose, Calif. took top honors tonight in the Intel Schools of Distinction contest. Intel's Schools of Distinction awards program honors K-12 schools that have some of the most successful educational programs in the country. Schools recognized for this award have demonstrated excellence in math and science education and their ability to promote students' problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills, areas called 21st century skills by educators.


Other schools winning big included Byron Senior High (Byron, Minn.), Crellin Elementary School (Oakland, Md.), Farmington View Elementary (Hillsboro, Ore.), Lynbrook High School (San Jose, Calif.) and Preston Middle School (Fort Collins, Colo.).


"By honoring the Intel Schools of Distinction winners, Intel hopes to inspire other schools to reinvigorate their own programs and prepare America's youth for success in the global economy," said Shelly Esque, vice president of Intel's Corporate Affairs Group. "We encourage schools with outstanding math and science programs to apply for next year's award."


The Intel Foundation and sponsoring companies distribute a total of $1 million in cash grants and awards to the winning schools. In recognition and in support of their efforts, each winning school won an estimated $100,000 in a combination of cash grants from the Intel Foundation and an award package that includes curriculum materials, professional development resources, hardware and software from sponsors including BrainHoney, BrainWare Safari, Dell,I-CAN, KDS, LanSchool, SAS, SMART and Pearson.


Valley Christian Junior High took home the Star Innovator Award, which brings an additional $15,000 from the Intel Foundation and other prizes for a total of $125,000 in cash and prizes. This large, independent school serves a diverse, urban population and employs a variety of methods to teach mathematics, including directed teaching, hands-on activities, collaborative work and discovery exploration. Over the past 4 years, Valley Christian students have consistently scored in the nation's top 17 percent in mathematics on the Stanford Achievement Test Series.


Of particular interest, Valley Christian uses "inverted learning," in which students watch prerecorded webcasts of lessons as homework, reserving class time for practice. The effects include increased student engagement, increased retention and the utilization of multiple forms of personalized learning through individual work, pair share, group work, and one-on-one student-teacher interactions.


The winners were selected from a pool of 18 schools that were recognized as finalists from 156 applications from 38 states. Finalists were:


TopicSchool LevelSchool NameCityState
MathematicsElementary SchoolCrellin ElementaryOaklandMaryland
Hollin Meadows ElementaryAlexandriaVirginia
Wauwatosa STEMWauwatosaWisconsin
Middle SchoolConyers Middle School Millikan (Robert A.)ConyersGeorgia
Valley Christian Junior High SchoolSan JoseCalifornia
Millikan Middle SchoolSherman OaksCalifornia
High SchoolAndover High SchoolAndoverMassachusetts
Byron Senior HighByronMinnesota
Leadership Public SchoolsHaywardCalifornia
ScienceElementary SchoolFarmington View Elementary SchoolHillsboroOregon
Walton Elementary SchoolWaltonKansas
Zachary Elementary SchoolZacharyLouisiana
Middle SchoolNew Bridge Middle SchoolJacksonvilleNorth Carolina
Preston Middle SchoolFort CollinsColorado
Sandy Run Middle SchoolDresherPennsylvania
High SchoolBrooklyn Technical High SchoolBrooklynNew York
California Academy of Mathematics & ScienceCarsonCalifornia
Lynbrook High SchoolSan JoseCalifornia


For more information, visit: www.intel.com/about/corporateresponsibility/education/soda/index.htm.


Schools interested in applying should visit: www.intel.com/about/corporateresponsibility/education/soda/application.htm.


To get the latest Intel Education news, visit www.intel.com/newsroom/education, join the Facebook group at http://intel.ly/intel-edu and follow Twitter updates at http://twitter.com/intel_education. To join Intel's community of people sharing their stories with the hope of becoming a catalyst for action and a voice for change in global education, visit www.inspiredbyeducation.com.


About Intel
Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom.intel.com and blogs.intel.com.


Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.


* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

The search is on in the Intel AppUpSM center! The infamous Carmen Sandiego is at it again in Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Recover these valuable treasures and catch this cunning mastermind. You’ll travel the globe uncovering clues and building a lifelong knowledge of geography, history, and world cultures. Sharpen your detective skills by studying geography and history from Britannica’s Aztec Empire, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors continue to offer a great mainstream gaming experience on popular 2011 titles. This major graphics driver update for 2nd generation Intel Core processors with Intel® HD graphics improves game performance by up to 37% on ULV platforms. Additionally, new media applications and devices released in 2011 take advantage of unique Intel capabilities like Intel® Clear Video HD Technology (Intel® CVT HD), Quick Sync Video, Intel® Wireless Display and InTru™ 3D. More details are available here at the Game, Media, & Device sites.


Drivers are available for download in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.

Tune in for MashUp Radio this Friday, Sept. 23rd from 12:00-12:30 p.m. PT to hear insight on the newest phenomenon on the geek scene, Self-Quantification. Peter Biddle and self-quantifier and Silicon Valley investor, Tim Chang, will give readers background into the self-tracking movement, discuss the trend’s hottest new gadgets and share insight into how they're each jumping on the knowledge-by-numbers bandwagon.

Sunday night’s Emmy Awards broadcast marks the U.S. debut of Intel’s latest TV commercial, the first scored by will.i.am, Intel’s director of creative innovation. “You’ll Know It” shows adults and children becoming wide-eyed over what’s on their computer screen thanks to the “stunning visuals” and “intelligent performance” of Intel’s 2nd generation Core® processors. The 30-second spot is also scheduled to air during some of the month’s most anticipated series and season premieres, including “NCIS” on Tuesday and “Criminal Minds” on Wednesday, both on CBS, and the Wednesday bow of Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” on Fox. These media buys are part of Intel’s foray into the “upfront” television market, which allows marketers to secure coveted placements months before the season begins.


Intel was once again recognized on Working Mother’s 2011 list of 100 Best Companies. Why Intel? Working Mother specifically highlights the company’s professional-development workshops, including speed-mentoring sessions, leadership conferences, sponsorship programs and coaching for technical women. Learn more about balancing work and life at Intel.

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