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The application of technology in the classroom can alter the way how students learn. With PCs powered by the Intel Atom processor, classrooms in countries like Argentina, Macedonia, Georgia and Portugal are not just putting technology into schools, they are changing lives. However, countries need to choose the right technology solutions to really make a difference in their education system. Paige Johnson, Education Strategist for Intel, blogs on her observations as educational institutions across the globe increasingly embrace technology in classrooms and challenges they are facing.

Take look at major technology trends from 2011 and new technology highlights such as the introduction of Intel’s 3-D Tri-Gate transistors, Ultrabook™ and much more. Curious about what Intel and other industry leaders see as technology trends for 2012? From big data to the “gamification” and “screenification” of everything, to security breaches in the cloud, Intel and industry leaders and technologists predict what trends will make headlines in 2012 and imagine the future of technology.

Intel just launched its Level Up 2011 Game Demo Contest, providing independent and student game developers an opportunity to show off their skills and pwn the competition. The most exciting addition to this year’s contest is that Valve Software has teamed up with us as a sponsor. The winning demos will be put on the Steam Demo site and the winners will have an opportunity to sign a commercial distribution contract with Steam® once they have produced a complete game based on their winning demo. See the Official Rules for the details. Get your game demo published on Steam!

Ever wonder where all your hard-earned money went last month? As the holidays roll around, check out these apps from the Intel AppUpSM center that will help you find deals, create a budget and save money without having to sink to Scrooge’s miserly ways. Save Benjis lets you compare prices on millions of products from hundreds of stores. iDeals elegantly brings the best deals from the most popular sites to your desktop. MoneyBag Pro will help you manage all your financial transactions, review spending budgets and understand spending and savings patterns.

1.5% of the world’s energy power is consumed by data centers across the globe, costing their owners $27 billion annually. Up to 50% of those electricity costs are generated by cooling and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS). By simply increasing the data center ambient temperature by 5 degrees Celsius, one can save 20% of the spending, translating to more than $2 billion savings worldwide if all data centers did this. Read more about Intel’s current and future data center technologies that enable IT managers to save up to 40% of data center annual operating costs.

As you prepare for your holiday travels, don’t leave home without packing some interesting reads in your bag. With these reading apps from the Intel AppUpSM center, you have access to millions of books in your carry-on without defying airline weight restrictions. Read from your netbook with ReadBooks, choose from more than two million titles with Nook for PC or access more than 100,000 free novels, fan fiction, short stories and poetry with Wattpad.

Intel kicked off a pilot program with Civic Ventures offering an Encore Fellowship program to all retirement-eligible employees in the U.S.  Encore Fellowships are paid, time-limited assignments that match skilled and experienced professionals at the end of their midlife careers with local nonprofits. Civic Ventures, a nonprofit based in San Francisco, created the concept Encore Fellowships.

Intel today released the Intel® Embedded Software Development Tool Suite 2.3, which supports the latest Intel® Atom™ processor-based platforms and optimizations. This release updates all key software components in the embedded tool suite and adds support for devices based on the Yocto Project*. The updated components include the compiler, performance libraries as well as the analysis and debug tools. The new version allows embedded software developers to quickly assess, stabilize, debug and optimize system and application code for embedded devices in order to maximize performance and power savings.

Have you ever wondered how the microprocessor, the brain 'behind the magic' of your PC, is made? If so, this new and updated version of the popular "From Sand to Silicon - The Making of a Chip" photo series is for you. It shows how chips are made using Intel's latest 22nm process technology inlcuding 3D/Tri-Gate transistors.

Intel Labs placed #6 on the Graph500 ranking, a semi-annual listing of the highest performance machines for emerging “big data” supercomputing applications. In computer science, “graphs” are a way to represent and explore the connections between things, such as all the stops in a subway system, all the links in a large computer network, or all the relationships between people on social networks like Facebook. Graph computing is also used to discover meaningful correlations between events for applications such as medical informatics and cyber security. Learn more about how Intel Labs is working on this area of computing.

Today, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) named Intel a Green Power Partner of the Year in its 11th annual Green Power Leadership Awards. Intel, an EPA Green Power Partner and no stranger to EPA recognition, is among 19 organizations paving the way in clean energy leadership. To learn more, check out Intel’s Eco-Smart Technology.

At the SC ’11 supercomputing conference in Seattle, Intel’s Enterprise Platform and Services Division (EPSD) previewed the first products in their new family of server boards and systems. Built to run the future Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 (Codenamed Sandy Bridge-EP), the systems will deliver a broad range of capabilities to meet the needs of any growing business, no matter how large or small. For more details, go to The Intel Server Room Forum.

Intel’s Thunderbolt Technology has garnered a Best of What’s New Award in the area of Computing from Popular Science magazine. These awards are given to innovative technologies that are found in real products that have come to market. PopSci pointed to Thunderbolt technology being “…the first to combine the languages that handle data and display in one channel, making it faster and more versatile than any other connection.” Learn more about Thunderbolt Technology.

As the Supercomputing 2011 conference goes on in Seattle, Purdue University revealed it has named  a new supercomputer – the fastest supercomputer in any university-funded research computing center, according to rankings released this week – after former Intel marketing chief Dennis Carter, whose creation of the Intel Inside co-op marketing program helped spur the widespread adoption of personal computers and all that followed.   Purdue wrote: “In two words and five musical notes, Dennis Carter helped make Intel microprocessors a familiar and trusted brand, not just among engineers but also among computer-buying consumers around the world.”  View the full story.

Today, at the 12th annual Intel Capital Global Summit, Intel Capital will be announcing news and investments. The announcement, presented by Intel Capital President Arvind Sodhani and Intel Senior Vice President Renée James, will be webcast from 12:30 – 1:15 pm PST today. The webcast can be viewed here. Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions for the Q&A session.

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