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The Intel® Atom™ processor is inside more than you may think. Today it’s in consumer electronics ranging from netbooks and tablets to smart phones and smart TVs and inside next generation smart cars - devices running a wide range software on a wide range of operating systems. Intel Atom Processor Everywhere is paving the way to create a more intelligent and connected world.


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MashUp Radio with Peter Biddle

MashUp Radio with Peter Biddle is a bi-weekly, 30-minute online radio program that discusses the fusion of technology, life, culture and science. Hosted by Peter Biddle, an engineer and executive for Intel’s Atom Software, the program is a full fledge dish on any given hot topic to concoct a thought-provoking discussion. MashUp Radio will feature conversations with dynamic personalities and bright minds - from futurists to musicians to entrepreneurs and even hardcore geeks - who live on the frontiers of society and technology.


MashUp Radio with Peter Biddle