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  • The News: Today, Intel is pleased to launch the new 2nd generation Intel Core vPro processor family for laptops and desktop, emphasizing the capabilities made possible by Sandy Bridge.
  • The Context: Since its debut more than four years ago, the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family has experienced an astounding expansion. Used by 71 percent of Fortune 100 companies, leading OEMs and service providers, 5,000 active channel and 500 software partners, Intel Core vPro processors appear in laptops, desktops, workstations and a range of embedded devices.
  • Why It Matters: As the line between personal and professional computing blurs, the next-generation of Intel Core vPro processors based on Sandy Bridge are profoundly changing the experience for business with enhanced performance, security and manageability. The visibly smart Intel Core vPro processor family has reached an inflection point where they can provide a no-compromise foundation for innovation and change that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes for PCs with greater, more flexible performance, theft prevention and cost savings.

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