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Intel at CES 2013

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Connect to Richer Experiences with Intel at CES 2013


Throughout the show, Intel will showcase the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor-powered Ultrabook devices and tablets as well as several phones and tablets powered by Intel® Atom™ processors. Numerous other Intel-powered devices from leading manufacturers will also be displayed.

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Best of CES 2013

Webcast Replay: Intel @ CES 2013 - Jan. 7, ~4 p.m. Pacific




Mobile Trends Infographic - Intel’s Top ‘Big Bets’ for 2013 (click to expand)


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Intel® Software Adrenaline Magazine winter edition surveys the frontiers of touch computing and Ultrabook™ devices, mobile lifestyles and more. In this issue explore how augmented reality technology alters real-world views with computer-generated sensory input. Get the latest on mobile security, check what hackers are up to, and find out how McAfee and Intel are heading off threats to mobile computing. In addition, you'll find new instances of how developers are targeting Intel Ultrabook devices and building in touch capabilities from the ground up, rather than just porting their code to yet another device in these software profiles.


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