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Refresh: Time for a Tech Upgrade

You've changed with the times. Has your personal technology? Thirty-three percent of U.S. computers are more than 4 years old. Outdated technology is often big, bulky and slow. Over the past few years, Intel's advancements in processor technology have transformed the way we use computers and have led to an exciting array of sleek, responsive and powerful compute devices, at varying price points. There has never been a better time to for people to upgrade their personal technology devices to enjoy the best computing experience and make their lives smarter, faster and simpler.


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Technology Just Got Sweeter This Holiday Season: Check Out Our 2013 Holiday Buyers Guide

Your personal compute devices just got sweeter this holiday season. Now there are computing devices with Intel Inside® to match every appetite and pocket book - from traditional laptops to tablets to 2 in 1 devices to portable All-in-Ones. There’s a lot to choose from (and salivate over) this holiday season. Take a look inside the 2013 Intel Holiday Gift Guide to see the latest tech eye candy.




Infographic: Digital Clutter?




Infographic: Has Your PC Changed in the Past Four Years?




Infographic: A quick look at some of the biggest changes in PCs over the last 4 years


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