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Stop and Think: The Pitfalls of Sharing Too Much Information Online

The more we share online, the more likely we put ourselves at risk. Birthdays, credit cards and social security numbers are often divulged too frequently and accidentally lead to major security fails. Intel and McAfee are asking people to stop and think, "Am I sharing too much information?" To help educate people to better avoid pitfalls, Intel and McAfee have developed some helpful tips on what to do, and what not to do, to keep their personal information safe through a series of infographics and videos. Beginning today, Intel is launching a sweepstakes where participants are encouraged to share these videos to be entered for a chance to win an Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ and McAfee® LiveSafe™. Remember: if you wouldn't share your personal information with a stranger in real life, don't do it online.


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Use this infographic in whole or in parts to help people be wiser with their digital security.



Infographic Segments


Be Wary of Sharing Your Personal Info Online



Seemingly Innocuous Information Can Still Put You at Risk



Common Culprits That Endanger Your Online Safety



Form Some Good Habits to Better Protect Your Information



App Safety Tips



What Not to Do When You're Using Free Wi-Fi


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