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Prof. Amnon Shashua

Amnon ShashuaProfessor Amnon Shashua is senior vice president at Intel Corporation and president and chief executive officer of Mobileye, an Intel company. He leads Intel’s global organization focused on advanced driving assist systems (ADAS), highly autonomous and fully autonomous driving solutions and programs.

Shashua joined Intel in 2017 with Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye N.V., where he served as co-founder, CTO and chairman. Mobileye was launched in 1999 with the belief that vision-safety technology will make roads safer, reduce traffic congestion and save lives. Today, Mobileye, an Intel company, is a leading supplier of system-on-chip solutions with computer vision and machine learning software that enable ADAS for collision avoidance. Since its initial public offering in 2014, Mobileye has also positioned its technology for the development of autonomous driving with novel technologies in the area of high-definition mapping through crowdsourcing, while leveraging ADAS cameras and artificial intelligence technologies for driving policy that enable robotic cars to negotiate through dense traffic.

Prof. Shashua holds the Sachs Chair in computer science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His field of expertise is computer vision and machine learning with emphasis on theoretical studies of deep networks. Prof. Shashua has received many awards for his research over the years, has published more than 120 scientific papers, and continues to be an active academic researcher.

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