Chip Shot: 2011 Intel’s Innovative Year and Awarded Best PC Processor

Recognizing the top processor products of 2011, industry analyst firm The Linley Group today announced the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor (code-name Sandy Bridge) is winner of their first annual Analysts’ Choice Award for Best PC Processor. In another nod to Intel, The Linley Group noted that the initial prototype for the “Analysts’ Choice Award for Best Technology of 2011” – Micron’s Hybrid Memory Cube – was developed in collaboration with Intel Labs researchers, who paired the cube with an extremely energy efficient, high-bandwidth memory interface. In addition, the January 23, 2012 Microprocessor Report highlights 2011 as “Intel’s Innovative Year,” and mentions other noteworthy technologies including: Intel Tri-gate transistors, Intel® AVX2 instruction set (for the upcoming Haswell processor), Thunderbolt™ Technology, with origins in Intel Labs and Near-Threshold Voltage (NTV) technology. For more information about these accolades and technologies visit