Chip Shot: 2011 Milestones: Ultrabook: The Next Big Thing?

In the world of mobile gadgets, thin is really “in.” Intel has unveiled of a new category of computer, called an Ultrabook, that has reinvigorated excitement across the technology industry about the future prospects for mobile computing. Ultrabooks will arrive in three phases over the next several years, each adding more must-have features like touch, longer battery life and in thinner designs and styles, ultimately delivering the most complete and satisfying computing experience. First generation Ultrabook systems are ultra-responsive, ultra-sleek, offer excellent battery life and built-in security, and are available at a variety of price points, many under $1,000. Acer Group, Asustek, HP, Lenovo Group and Toshiba Corp. are already shipping Ultrabook devices, and LG and Samsung have announced Ultrabook systems, with more than 60 designs expected in 2012.