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Chip Shot: Analyst says ‘Lose the Old Thinking for Business PC Refresh’

Industry analyst Jack Gold published a research note titled, “Replacing Enterprise PCs: The Fallacy of the 3-4 Year Replacement Cycle” which recommends enterprises adopt a much more frequent update of their PC fleet. “Enterprises should establish a PC refresh program that is not based on ’old thinking’ industry practices established many years ago,” says Jack Gold, president of J.Gold Associates, LLC. “We strongly recommend companies immediately move to a refresh cycle of two years for their corporate PCs. The increased levels of productivity available from newer devices offer both a substantial ROI of 500-1000 percent as well as provide for a more efficient workforce, allowing organizations to do more with the resources they currently have.” The report from Jack Gold notes that the cost of a new machine is considerably less today, on a device to employee expense ratio, than it was a decade ago when many of the recommendations were established. Organizations must look at the negative cost implications of keeping older devices past their prime.