Chip Shot: Global IoT Day – A Good Day for a Reality Check

The Internet of Things (IoT) has generated excitement and momentum across the world, and Intel is pleased to support Global IoT Day 2014. For IoT to reach its full potential innovators must address critical issues: bringing connectivity and intelligence to new and legacy infrastructure, security, defining industry standards and ecosystem collaboration. On these fronts, Intel has introduced intelligent gateways, including integrated Wind River and McAfee software to connect not only new devices and systems, but also legacy infrastructure. This is critical for unlocking useful information. Once connected, security is paramount. Intel, McAfee and Wind River are working closely to provide security solutions to ensure connected systems and data are protected. Lastly, Intel has been working with a network of industry leaders to establish interoperability and increase momentum for the IoT with the Industrial Internet Consortium. For more information on IoT, check out the new Intel IoT press kit and Wind River IoT microsite.