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Chip Shot: Intel, Amazon Showcase Power of 60 Minutes of Supercomputing for Yelp, NASA

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Intel recently launched the Power of 60 campaign designed to showcase the amazing insights companies like Yelp, NASA and Schrodinger can discover in just 60 minutes using powerful supercomputers running Intel® Xeon® E5 processor family and Amazon Web Services. The campaign highlights the power and affordability of the on-demand service which uses the AWS supercomputer to enable companies to solve problems with massive scalable compute power while only being charged for the time used. For example, the service allows Schrodinger, a leader in computational drug design for pharmaceutical and biotechnology research, to run 21 million potential drug compounds against a target cancer protein using 50,000 Intel Xeon processor cores at a much faster pace and lower cost. As part of the campaign, Intel and AWS are offering 600 free hours of cloud computing services. Watch the Power of 60 videos now.