Chip Shot: Intel Capital Portfolio Company OpenFeint Acquired

Intel Capital portfolio company OpenFeint announced today that it is being acquired by Gree. Intel Capital invested in OpenFeint in 2010, providing strategic and operational planning guidance, industry introductions and financial support that enabled the company to focus on growing the business. Commenting on the acquisition, outgoing Co-Founder and Chairman of OpenFeint Peter Relan said “From day one, working with Intel Capital has been excellent for OpenFeint. Not only did the Intel Capital brand validate OpenFeint’s vision for mobile social gaming, but it also attracted a lot of other strategic partners to do business with OpenFeint.” The OpenFeint investment is another success for Intel Capital’s Consumer Internet investment team, which maintains a portfolio of 30 companies in the social media, online commerce, mobile web and monetization platform infrastructure space. Intel Capital has a decidedly international and stage agnostic Consumer Internet approach, with investments in iFeng (Phoenix New Media) and Okaybuy in China, Vostu and boo-box in Latin America, and July Systems in India and Nokta and iMall in Eastern Europe, as well as US-based companies including Betaworks, Yume, Kabam and Kno.