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Chip Shot: Intel Hits the Runway at New York Fashion Week

Chromat_AW16_Lumina_07At New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Autumn/Winter 2016, Intel is demonstrating exciting new ways that technology and fashion are coming together with the Intel® Curie™ module, a tiny, low-power device that can be discretely integrated into jewelry, apparel, handbags and more. In the 2016 Chromat Lumina Line, selected looks will be brought to life through subtle gesture interactions enabled by the Intel Curie module. As models move down the runway, simple hand gestures will be translated by the Intel Curie-enabled reactive hand wraps into beautiful electro-luminescent details inspired by bioluminescence and color theory. Additionally, this season’s Baja East runway looks will be accessorized with technology-inspired jewelry featuring the Intel Curie module. Learn more about Intel at NYFW.