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Chip Shot: Intel Launches Employee-Curated Digital Magazine

“iQ by Intel,” launched today as a public beta, is a new publishing platform curated by researchers, engineers and visionaries at Intel. The site, at, is inspired by technology trends of how people discover and share content online. iQ is focused on the larger global impact of technology on our world. Specifically, it serves as a discovery tool that narrates technology’s influence and effect on “Media,” “Life” and our “Planet.” It’s here to remind us of how fast we’re moving as a global culture, to be cognizant of how far we’ve come as humankind and to reflect on where our planet is headed in the 21st century. The iQ platform was created to spotlight how people are using technology in inspiring ways, and its mission is simple: Share and source content that inspires, educates, entertains and helps all of us to better understand our modern world.