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Chip Shot: Intel Mashery API Management Powering Enterprise IoT Data at Scale

Intel Services is powering an innovative software-defined approach to scaling the Internet of Things (IoT) across the enterprise with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Announced as part of the Intel® IoT Platform reference architecture, Intel’s API and Traffic Management solution for IoT leverages the ability of Intel Mashery API Management and Intel Mashery API Gateways for Service Creation/Management to enable enterprises with data platforms on which to scale IoT-enablement simply and securely by creating and managing IoT data APIs with endpoints in the cloud, data centers, as well as externally with developers and partners.

Intel Mashery API Management makes it simple for enterprises to connect IoT data from sensors and machines to more endpoints such as cloud analytics platforms and data centers. Leading IoT innovators such as Siemens, Brivo Systems and Carvoyant are using API management powered by Intel to achieve scale in across end-to-end IoT deployments. IoT Data APIs can help improve efficiency, optimize customer experiences and power revenue-generating data services. To learn more about APIs and IoT data management, read our blog or visit the Intel Services’ website.