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Chip Shot: Intel Pocket Avatars Just Got Chattier

Chatting with your friends and family just got more fun. Intel’s Pocket Avatars app now allows you to send funny avatar messages to multiple people at one time via the group chat functionality. There are also a slew of new avatars to choose from including NCAA avatars and Halloween-oriented characters. Since its launch in the U.S. in mid-June, more than one million avatars have been downloaded, and it’s availability has expanded to more than 33 countries. Additionally, 35 new avatars have been added and the expanded library now boasts more than 75 avatars, including Halloween themed avatars such as Vlad, Dracula and even Jackie-O-Lantern. Many of the avatars are available for free; others cost just USD 99 cents for unlimited use. Today, the 3-D avatars featured in personal messages can smile big and small, blink, raise and lower eyebrows, stick out their tongue and even blow a kiss. Check out some of YouTube’s leading content creators – from Miranda Sings to Ricky Dillon – channeling their inner avatar.  Check out the Pocket Avatars infographic and this Intel blog post.