Chip Shot: Intel-Powered Cloud – Life Line to 15 Billion Devices

Every time we use smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops it is the Cloud — those big data centers — that fuel them all with exciting content. We experience “the Cloud” when we watch YouTube, Facebook, play Farmville, search Google, send tweets and emails, or talk with friends over Skype. Today there are 1.5 billion people connected to Internet and by 2015 we project to have another 1 billion “netizens” and overall number of connected devices to break 15 billion. Such growth puts even more pressure on companies like Intel, whose technology powers 9 out of 10 servers in the Cloud, to deliver better, faster and more secure technology. Jason Waxman, General Manager of Intel Cloud Infrastructure shares his personal thoughts in his blog about the future of the Cloud and how it influences all aspects of our lives.