Chip Shot: Intel Rallies Industry Players to Meet Demand for 100G Optical for Data Centers

To keep pace with the data explosion, large data centers being built require longer connectivity for fibers that are energy efficient yet won’t sacrifice the speed and integrity of the information being transported. Intel is addressing this need by convening industry supporters from numerous companies to form the 100G CLR4 Alliance, including: Arista, Brocade, Dell, Ebay, HP, Oclaro and others. The 100G CLR4 Alliance will create an open specification for a cost-effective, low-power 100G CWDM optical link with a reach of up to 2 km – a reach not supported today by any existing standard. This blog post from Dr. Mario Paniccia, Intel fellow and general manager of the Silicon Photonics Solutions Group, provides more insight on the 100G CLR4 Alliance and its goal to accelerate the industry to deploy solutions for optical links up to 2Km.