Chip Shot: Intel Software Gives Businesses Faster Access to Important Data

Intel announced today the availability of the Intel® Cache Acceleration Software – Workstation (Intel® CAS-W) to accelerate the time it takes for users to access important company data. Businesses with an existing storage infrastructure primarily using HDDs can now combine an SSD with Intel CAS-W to accelerate IO performance as an alternative to replacing the existing storage system with all SSDs. Digital artists can use Intel CAS-W paired with their 3D animation software to quickly pull an archived movie scene from storage for editing, or automobile manufacturers could quickly access data to develop innovative new designs. When using HDD IO performance as the basis for comparison, Intel CAS-W combined with an SSD achieved significant performance improvement with workstation industry IO benchmarks – Media and Entertainment (317 percent), Life Sciences (204 percent) and Energy (192 percent). The Intel CAS-W software is now available on select Dell Precision workstations.