Chip Shot: Intel Survey Reveals Tech Security as Top Concern for Travelers; Heathrow Named #1 European Airport for Laptop Theft

London’s Heathrow airport will be a busy airport this week with the Olympics, but beware it happens to be the top location for stolen laptops in Europe with an average of 900 laptops stolen weekly, according to Ponemon Institute. The recent “Intel Survey: Tech Norms for Travelers” reveals that the security of mobile devices tops travelers list of ‘pet peeves.’ Forty-six percent of travelers and 62 percent of young adult travelers worry about the security of their Ultrabook, laptop or tablet. But despite this concern, 26 percent of travelers readily admit they don’t take appropriate security precautions with their devices, using unsecured Wi-Fi networks, leaving their devices unattended and leaving their screen in full view for anyone to see. Find out more about the survey and top tech security tips.