Chip Shot: Intel’s ‘Curiosity’ with Discovery Channel Remains Strong

Discovery Channel’s documentary TV series “Curiosity” returns for a second season on Sunday, as does Intel Corporation as the show’s presenting sponsor. The Season 2 debut episode has the series crashing a passenger jet in the name of science (the craft is passenger-less, of course). A first-of-its-kind investment for Intel last season, the company will continue to use “Curiosity” as a global marketing platform with key partnership elements.

“Curiosity” answers questions through expert interviews, social experiments and research. In addition to the TV series, viewers can explore other topics — “How does Pandora know which songs I like?” and “Where are we most likely to find life in space?” for instance — online at This year Discovery has developed a series of webisodes that highlight Intel experts and help demystify technologies that Intel is a part of or are relevant to the evolution of the computing experience.

Viewers in North America can tune in each Sunday at 9 p.m./8 p.m. Central. The series rolls out globally beginning Oct. 22; check local listings for times.