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Chip Shot: Introducing Brand Levels for the Intel® Atom™ Processor

In order to help people understand the level of processor performance and make an informed purchase decision based on their needs, Intel® Atom™ processors will now be offered in three distinct brand levels in a good/better/best construct – the Intel Atom x3, x5 and x7 processors. This change will start with the next generation of processors. Intel Atom x3 processor provides basic, but genuine Intel-level tablet, phablet and smartphone performance.  Intel Atom x5 processor has more capabilities and features for people who want an even better experience, and the flagship Intel Atom x7 processor provides the highest level of performance and capabilities for the Intel Atom family. The Intel Atom processor is designed to provide the best battery life with great performance for tablets, phablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. This infographic lists Intel’s consumer brand portfolio for consumer devices including the Intel® Core™ processor, Intel® Core™ M processor, Intel Atom processor, Intel® Pentium® processor and Intel® Celeron® processor.

Infographic: Intel Drives Performance Across the Board with New Processors