Chip Shot: L-Dessert to Come 64-bit Ready on Intel Architecture

Google’s release of the 64-bit Android L Developer Preview last week brings a 64-bit emulator image for Intel® architecture—the first 64-bit emulator image for any CPU architecture—and the Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM) within the L Developer Preview Software Development Kit (SDK). The addition of the 64-bit emulator image and 64-bit Intel® HAXM within the SDK provides fast Android app emulation on host machines for Intel® architecture. Developers can now write and test 64-bit software programs and applications for 64-bit Android devices and accelerate this emulation, before they do this testing on the actual hardware itself. Faster emulation speeds both development time and time-to-market. This release demonstrates Intel’s commitment to helping advance the Android ecosystem through its 64-bit heritage and innovation. Get more information on Intel and 64-bit.