Chip Shot: Mobile Security and Revolutionizing Healthcare through Mobile Technology

Mobile health is growing at a rapid pace with the development of new apps, tools, and innovations that enable everything from accessing health metrics on the go to remote doctor visits. As mobile technology evolves, so do the risks and loopholes to our privacy and identity. How are experts in the healthcare tech and security industries keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation? In today’s episodes of Mobile Insights from MWC 2013, we connect with Pamela Goldberg, Massachusetts Technology Collective, Kirsten Gagnaire of MAMA, and  Arjen Swank of Text to Change to discuss mobile health, and Christopher Sellers of Mobeam, Fran Rosch of Symantec, Sam Guilaumé of Movea, Charles Walton of Secure Key, and Raj Samani of McAfee to discuss security, plus others.