Chip Shot: MobileBeat 2013 – Avoiding Mobile Sensory Overload to Create More Natural User Experiences

The now-ubiquitous mobile device collects a wealth of information about user habits, lifestyle and even health. Using the data collected from these devices, consumers are able to make inferences about and changes to their behaviors, and understand and assess their actions at a level previously not possible. Intel’s Tony Salvador, director of Experience Insights Research, Dave Mathews, CEO and founder of NewAer, and Jef Holove, CEO at Basis Point, hosted a panel at MobileBeat 2013 to discuss the rapidly changing mobile industry and their perspectives on mobile sensors, emerging technologies and the future of Mobile. The Intel Mobile Insights team caught up with the speakers onsite for their thoughts on how users can avoid sensory overload from mobile devices and enjoy a more beneficial user experience through these new technologies. Check out their videos.