Chip Shot: Smartphone Technology in Emerging Markets & Closing the Generational Gap in Mobile

The smartphone is likely to be the first computer and first technology experience that consumers in emerging markets have. This was pointed out by speakers in a recent Mobile Insights video, including Renée James of Intel’s Software and Services Group, Peter Santos of Audience Inc., Avi Greengart at Current Analysis, Simon Torrance of STL Partners, and Erik Hersman of iHub. Additionally, as technology becomes more accessible and natural to interact with, the generational gap in mobility is closing. Hear from Dean Elwood of Voxygen, San Shepherd of Escapist Games, Daniel Weisbeck of Netbiscuits, and David Kim of Animoca, and others in this Mobile Insights video. The Mobile Insights program brings together the unique perspectives of thought leaders to explain how mobility touches various parts of our lives.