Chip Shot: ‘The Chase’ Goes HTML5


Intel has re-mastered its viral hit film, “The Chase,” using Facebook and cutting-edge HTML5 technology to integrate a more social environment into the award-winning video. (A sneak peek of the new features was shared in this Intel Free Press story.) The intended environment is one where users are able to participate through gaming, Twitter feeds, downloads and other social features. The Facebook experience also offers deeper social engagement in which users can challenge their friends to an online game called “The Game.” The action game takes the user through the same software and social networking sites seen in the film. The re-mastered HTML5 experience uses more than 78 unique windows to create the desktop takeover experience that replicates the original film using live windows on the user’s desktop. The re-launch is in 12 languages spanning over 25 Facebook country pages. Debuted in January, “The Chase” demonstrates the performance of Intel’s 2nd generation Core i5 processor by creating an action film out of multiple computer application windows. Note: This link will only run in an HTML5-compatible browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Safari 5).