Chip Shot: Two Generations of Intel® Atom™ SoCs to Power HP’s Moonshot Servers in 2013

Yesterday HP announced the availability of the first production HP ProLiant Moonshot servers. These systems are based on 64-bit Intel Atom S1200 processor family and are shipping to customers now. In the second half of 2013, HP Moonshot servers will feature also the entirely new generation of Intel Atom processors codenamed Avoton. Avoton is build using 3D tri-gate 22nm transistors and new micro-architecture “Silvermont”. Intel’s second generation of 64-bit server SoCs will provide a significant increase in performance and performance per watt vs. currently available Intel Atom S1200. In her blog, Raejeanne Skillern – Intel’s Director of Cloud Marketing, shares her thoughts on HP’s Moonshot launch and how Intel is excited to see two generations of Intel Atom SoCs powering new HP ProLiant Moonshot servers this year. Additionally Jason Waxman, General Manager of Intel Cloud Infrastructure Group in this video talks about Intel and HP long collaboration and how current and new generations of Intel Atom SoC will help HP ProLiant Moonshot servers to success.