Chip Shot: Ultrabook Online Experience Puts You in the Director’s Chair

Intel’s newest TV commercials for Ultrabook

A unique online experience is letting visitors at direct their own video based on Intel’s newest TV commercials for Ultrabook. Launched today in the U.S. and widening to 50 countries across 26 languages through the end of April, the interactive experience is part of Intel’s biggest marketing campaign since 2003. Expanding the commercials and making them more personal, fun and sharable, the interactive feature asks individuals to make real-time decisions that seamlessly change the story and action scenes. There are over 6,900 unique options a user can experience when personalized through Facebook. For example, at certain points the consumer must choose the path of the hero who personifies the Ultrabook versus one that exemplifies the opposite — Ultra Responsive vs. Not So Quick, Ultra Sleek vs. Not So Cool, Long Lasting vs. Totally Drained and so on. Via Facebook Connect, such features as the individual’s profile picture showing up here and there adds to the personalized fun.