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Chip Shot: You’ve Got to ‘Hand’ it to Them – Blocks, Wristify and ProGlove Shine as they Compete for $500k Intel Prize

Teams Blocks (UK), Wristify (US) and ProGlove (Germany) have created wearables that can be worn on the hands or wrists. They find out on Monday if they win the $500,000 grand prize in the Intel “Make it Wearable” challenge. BLOCKS allows the wearer to choose the different blocks that he/she needs to create a unique wearable band. The Wristify band provides natural refreshing coolness or soothing warmth to the wearer on demand. And ProGlove is a professional wearable production tool that enables the user to work faster, more safely and easier. Get more information and see finalist videos in the Wearables press kit.