Intel Replay Technology Delivers All-Star Experience for MLB Fans

Intel’s production team captures footage of MLB All-Star Week events to create a 360-degree replay. Intel’s 360-degree replay technology uses multiple high-definition cameras, paired with Intel-powered servers and PCs to create a 3-D, 360-degree reconstruction of the play that can be viewed from any position and angle.
Intel’s production team captures footage of MLB All-Star Week events to create a 360-degree replay.

As part of MLB All-Star Week games, Intel debuted the future of baseball replay technology during the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, the T-Mobile Home Run Derby and the MLB All-Star Game presented by MasterCard.

After weeks of installation and calibration at Petco Park in San Diego, 28 high-definition cameras coupled with Intel-based server and client systems cranked on the massive 1 terabyte of data per second data streams to create unparalleled 360-degree replays of the games’ best moments to bring an immersive new viewing experience to fans. The enhanced replays enabled close-up views from any angle of the greatest at-bat moments, game-changing outs, and slides into home plate to bring a new level of compelling commentary during live broadcasts on ESPN, FOX, MLB Network, as well as the digital and mobile platforms of

Intel’s technology for 360-degree replays created a new experience for fans during MLB All-Star Week games and is just one way that the company is working with partners to push the boundaries of computing and transform the way we train for, watch and interact with sports. From 3-D imaging and virtual reality, to sensors and wearables, Intel’s roster of technologies is delivering smart new insights and connecting fans to the world of sports like never before.

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