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Reports of Overheating in Basis Peak Watches

Basis Peak
Basis Peak
Today Intel alerted Basis Peak watch customers to two issues.

First, a small number of people have reported that their Basis Peak watches overheated and, in some cases, caused discomfort, blistering or burns on their wrists under the watch body. Second, a few customers have reported overheating and melting of their charging cradles. At this time, the known reported cases involve approximately 0.2 percent of watches sold to date.

As a precautionary measure, Intel advised customers to refrain from wearing Basis Peak watches until a software update is available. Intel has stopped selling the device and asked retailers to do the same. This advice applies to all Basis Peak watches worldwide. Basis Peak watch users may also return their watches for a full refund. Intel apologizes to its customers and is taking steps to make the situation right.

Details can be found on the Basis website at