Intel Is Accelerating the 5G Future

5G Set to Mark an Inflection Point in Our Industry – will Deliver Next-Generation Experiences from Autonomous Driving to Smart Cities and More


February 21, 2017

By Aicha Evans

5G is happening now – in the network, the cloud and the client. As mobility evolves beyond the smartphone, 5G is becoming one of the most impactful technology transformations we are likely to see in our lifetimes. It will deliver next-generation experiences including autonomous driving, smart cities, the Internet of Things and, of course, the era of machines.

The reality is that mobility as we know it changes and broadens every day to match the pace of innovation. It’s something I shared in a recent editorial, “The Era of 5G: The Machines Are Coming.” The 5G era is about a fantastic, flexible network that will connect everything to everything, and everybody to everything. It will enable the next great tech transformations, from drone deliveries to self-driving cars. The big difference with 5G is that when you start to talk about “autonomy” and factories, cars and hospitals thinking for themselves, they will rely on split-second connectivity to do so – with no room for error. Period.

Press Kit: Intel at 2017 Mobile World Congress

This is why Intel is at the forefront of this revolution, accelerating the path to 5G in collaboration with our customers and partners in the industry. This isn’t about the mobility of the past. This is about architecting the future. And Intel’s portfolio brings a unique advantage to the acceleration of 5G.

At last year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), we revealed our plans for 5G products and trial acceleration, rolling out our first-generation mobile trial platform that immediately offered the industry a development platform for fast prototyping, integration and testing. We also announced a series of partnerships with leading telecom equipment providers and service providers with whom we have collaborated for 5G trials.

Steady progress has followed. Throughout 2016, we entered into several 5G trials around the globe with tier-one service providers. At the start of this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we introduced the Intel® 5G Modem, the world’s first global 5G modem that supports both sub-6GHz and mmWave bands and transforms connectivity for a variety of use cases.

Heading into MWC ’17 next week, Intel will continue our journey of showcasing to audiences how the pieces of the 5G puzzle will come together through amazing experiences enabled by Intel. Today, we’re announcing significant progress on that path along with building upon our existing modem roadmap, including:

Accelerating 5G From Cloud Network to Devices: Intel’s early investments in the cloud and core network technologies have resulted in significant developments in the next generation of connectivity and the next-generation core:

Partnering Across the 5G Eosystem: Intel has a history of building new ecosystems – case in point, the PC and the data center – and we have been busy in 5G too. No one company can move this technology forward alone. We will continue to seek out partners across the industry to define, prototype and deliver early 5G products, solutions and use cases that will shape the market.

5G Interoperability Acheived: The industry recognizes that interoperability is critical for setting standards and guiding the development of technologies that work with other products or systems, present or future. It’s a major implementation hurdle. In the spirit of helping lead the industry and drive the innovation agenda, Intel has collaborated with key industry players to test and deploy interoperability, which is critical to scale 5G trials.

Indeed, the move to 5G marks a historic inflection point for our industry. A fundamental change and network transformation needs to take place starting now to meet the diverse speed, response times, energy and scale requirements of 5G. The 5G revolution is no technology evolution. It is a total overhaul. It will disrupt industries, launch new categories and give rise to new business models – changing the way we experience the world and how we do business for the better – and I am proud that Intel is at the center of making it happen. On to Barcelona!

Aicha Evans is senior vice president and general manager of the Communication and Devices Group at Intel Corporation.

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