Intel Employees Champion Corporate Responsibility

2010 Corporate Responsibility Report Published


  • Education: Surpassed 9 million teachers trained worldwide through the Intel® Teach Program.
  • Environment: Intel maintained its position as the largest voluntary purchaser of renewable energy credits in the United States, according to the EPA, and completed nine solar electric installations at locations in four U.S. states and Israel. The company has also saved 40 billion gallons of water since 1998.
  • Community: In 2010, close to half of Intel’s workforce donated more than 1 million hours of service in schools and nonprofit organizations globally.
  • Supply Chain Responsibility: Intel increased supplier assessment and audit activities and continued to take actions to address the issue of conflict minerals in the supply chain.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 19, 2011 – Released today, Intel Corporation’s 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights the company’s focus on applying its technology and the talents of its employees to transform education and technology access, and improve economic and environmental sustainability around the world. The report also discusses the actions Intel continues to take to further embed corporate responsibility into its culture and decision-making, from providing funding for innovative employee sustainability projects to linking a portion of employee compensation to environmental goals.

“At Intel, we don’t separate corporate responsibility from our business – it is part of our global strategy,” said Michael Jacobson, director of corporate responsibility at Intel. “Caring for our people, our planet and inspiring the next generation is a corporate strategic objective that will be achieved through the concerted efforts of our employees, whether they work in a factory, design products or interface with customers or suppliers.”

Highlights from the 2010 report include:


  • More than 9 million teachers worldwide have been trained through the Intel® Teach Program, which offers professional development for K-12 teachers of all subjects, helping them integrate technology into their lessons.
  • In conjunction with U.S. President Barack Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign, Intel announced a $200 million commitment to advance math and science education.
  • Over the past decade, Intel and the Intel Foundation have invested more than $1 billion to improve education globally, partnering with educators, governments and other companies to develop a range of transformative programs and technology solutions.


Intel maintained its position as the largest voluntary purchaser of renewable energy credits in the United States, according to the EPA, and worked with third parties to complete nine solar electric installations at Intel locations in four U.S. states and Israel, which collectively generate 3.8 million kilowatts of clean power per year.1/p>

A design center in Haifa, Israel was Intel’s first Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)-certified building and the first in Israel to receive LEED Gold certification. Intel also achieved basic LEED certification for an Intel factory and office building in Kulim, Malaysia. Intel submitted an application to obtain certification for its entire Ocotillo manufacturing campus in Arizona, which was achieved in March 2011.

Since 1998, as a result of Intel’s conservation efforts, 40 billion gallons of water, or enough for roughly 370,000 U.S. homes for a year, have been saved. Intel also completed a new water footprint analysis in collaboration with a third-party and expanded disclosure on water use in this report as a result.

  • In 2010, 62 individuals and teams were nominated for Intel Environmental Excellence Awards recognizing employees who have helped reduce Intel’s environmental impact. These employee projects resulted in estimated cost savings of $135 million.

As part of the Sustainability in Action Grant program, Intel provided $100,000 in funding for 13 employee projects — including the creation of a proof-of-concept model which found that boiler emissions at a fabrication facility were well-suited to grow algae, which can be used to create clean-burning biofuel.

Workplace and Community

  • In 2010, close to half (48 percent) of Intel’s workforce donated more than 1 million hours of service and the Intel Foundation provided $7.9 million in matching grants to about 4,900 schools and nonprofits where employees volunteered.
  • One of Intel’s six values is “Great Place to Work,” which reinforces the importance of positive employee relations as a key component of the company’s success. In 2010, the workplace practices in support of this value earned Intel a spot on Fortune’s annual “100 Best Companies to Work for” list.
  • Intel continued to invest in a range of diversity initiatives, including support of chartered employee groups such as the Women at Intel Network. Since 2004, Intel has achieved a 24 percent increase in the number of women in technical mid- to senior-level jobs. Furthermore, women make up 30 percent of the current board of directors.

Supply Chain Responsibility

  • To address the issue of conflict minerals, in 2010, Intel completed on-site reviews of 25 smelters in eight countries, laying the groundwork for third-party industry audits.
  • Intel improved transparency of its suppler responsibility actions, providing increased detail on the findings of assessments and audits, and publishing its top 75 suppliers list.

Intel has provided public reports on its environmental, health and safety performance since 1994 and produced an annual Corporate Responsibility Report since 2001. To read the new report, visit More information on Intel’s corporate responsibility programs can be found at the CSR@Intel blog and on Twitter at @Intel_CSR.

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1 The renewable energy credits generated by these installations are typically transferred to local utilities to support their regulatory obligations and programs.

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