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KT and Intel Strengthen Collaboration in Wireless Broadband; Expanded Network Coverage, Embedded Chipsets, US$20m Investment


  • KT’s WIBRO service will be available in another five major cities and expressways in Korea by Oct. 1.
  • First Intel Core and Intel Atom processor-based laptops and netbooks with Intel embedded WiMAX and Wi-Fi capabilities are available in Korea.
  • WIBRO network is now on 10MHz WiMAX channel bandwidth with improved radio planning, increasing quality of service by up to two times.
  • Intel Capital is investing US$20 million in WIBRO Infra Co., Ltd.

SEOUL, Sept. 30, 2010 – Intel Corporation and KT today announced that they are expanding their collaboration to accelerate the adoption of WIBRO-branded services based on WiMAX technology in South Korea. Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization, also announced an investment of US$20 million in WIBRO Infra Co., Ltd. (WIC), a joint venture with KT, Samsung and KBIC. The Intel Capital investment will help WIC accelerate KT’s leading wireless broadband infrastructure build out.

Expanding WIBRO Coverage, Improved Customer Benefits
In addition to availability in the metropolitan areas of Seoul, Inchon and Suwon, KT will expand the WIBRO service to five new cities — Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon and Ulsan — and the expressways of Gyeongbu, Jungbu, Honam and Yeongdong. When the new service begins on Oct. 1, subscribers will be able to enjoy KT’s “Mobile Wonderland” supported by its “3W” network consisting of 3G mobile communication (WCDMA), wireless LAN (WiFi) and high-speed wireless Internet (WIBRO).

KT is also migrating its WIBRO network onto the standard of 10MHz WiMAX channel width that will allow interoperability and roaming with WiMAX networks worldwide. Coupled with better radio planning, this migration is expected to improve the quality of service by up to two times.

By March 2011, KT is expected to be the first carrier in the world to provide nation-wide WiMAX coverage with its WIBRO service covering 82 cities in Korea, serving 85 percent of the Korean population.

Intel Embedded WiMAX Chipsets for a New WIBRO Experience
KT and Intel also have worked with major PC manufacturers to launch the first Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processor-based laptops and netbooks in Korea featuring Intel® embedded WiMAX solutions, based on the Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 network adapter.

Starting Oct. 1, Korean customers will be able to purchase a wide selection of Intel-based laptops and netbooks from Samsung, LG and Acer. These WiMAX-ready mobile devices allow high-speed wireless Internet access without the need for plug-in USB modems or wireless pocket routers. The devices will enable users to enjoy wireless Internet connectivity in countries and cities that have also deployed compatible WiMAX networks1.

Intel Capital’s US$20 million Investment
Intel Capital also today announced that it has invested US$20 million in WIBRO Infra Co., Ltd. The funds will be used to accelerate deployment of leading-edge wireless broadband networks in South Korea.

“Intel is committed to leading the advancement of wireless broadband adoptions throughout the world as more devices compute and connect to the Internet,” said Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital and Intel executive vice president. “Intel Capital’s investment strengthens our WiMAX efforts in Asia Pacific region, arguably the fastest growing wireless broadband area, and specifically helps KT expand their offerings in Korea.”

“We will cooperate with Intel in every way to promote the wireless Internet,” said Suk-chae Lee, CEO, KT. “Just like a seamless transportation network requiring expressways, railroads and aviation, KT will develop a 3W network with WIBRO, Wi-Fi and WCDMA technologies complementing each other to make Korea the world’s best mobile wonderland.”

“As a mobile Internet user myself, I am glad that the WIBRO service is now available in five more major cities and expressways, said Tae-Keun Hyung, a member of a standing committee, Korea Communications Commission. “With WIBRO, I expect Korea to be a leading mobile Internet country in the world.”

1 Subject to carrier roaming agreements and end-user subscription.

About KT
KT (Korea Telecom) Corporation is an IT company located in Korea which provides voice and data, fixed and mobile, communication and broadcasting services. KT is currently on the top in Korea for its total revenue (both fixed and mobile services). However, when it was spun off from the Ministry of Communications (currently Korea Communications Commission) and first established in 1981, there were only 4.5 million lines. KT increased the number to 20 million in just 12 years. Therefore, the people in Korea are now privileged to enjoy the universal and advanced telecommunication services. Moreover, KT launched Korea’s first communication satellite, “Mugunghwa (Koreasat)” contributing to make Korea become one of the advanced countries in information and communications. Recently, KT has opened a new era of smartphones in Korea, and makes every effort to create Korea, the “Mobile Wonderland” and to be a global ICT convergence leader by releasing various smart devices and providing nationwide networks, “3W networks” -Wi-Fi, WiBro and WCMA. ICT: Information, Communication, Transaction

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