Tech Tops Holiday Wish Lists, New InfoBrief Ranks 2013 Most Digitally Dependent Cities


  • Tablets and laptops top holiday wish lists this year, according to CEA 20th Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns Study.
  • Jacksonville, Fla., is the most “digitally dependent” U.S. city.
  • The average American wastes nearly 3 days per year waiting for older compute devices to perform; Chicago is the most “digitally frustrated” U.S. city.
  • 1 in 2 Americans wish they had a new PC; Indianapolis tops the list as having the “most eager to buy” residents.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 13, 2013 – Jacksonville, Fla., took the top spot as the “most digitally dependent”1 U.S. city, according to a newly released IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Intel Corporation: “Exploring our Digital Dependence City Rankings.” 2 The InfoBrief showcases Americans’ reliance on technology on a city-by-city basis. It follows a larger IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Intel and released this past August, revealing the nation’s reliance on the PC with 97 percent of U.S. households naming the PC as their primary computing device.

The regional study explored Americans’ reliance on technology and found Indianapolis, followed by Los Angeles and San Francisco, to be the top three cities most eager to receive a new PC this holiday season. According to the 20th Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns Study (October 2013), tablets and laptops are the top two most wanted consumer electronics gifts by adults and they round out the top four holiday gifts for teens.

The IDC InfoBrief on “Digital Dependence City Rankings” reveals where cities rank in the following categories:

  • Most Digitally Dependent: Jacksonville, Fla., ranks as the most “digitally dependent” city in the United States based on the number of compute devices owned and time spent using the devices. Following close behind are Houston, New York, Detroit and Dallas.
  • Wishing for New Technology: Indianapolis tops the list as the “most digitally hopeful” city in the United States, with the most residents eagerly anticipating a new PC this holiday season, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Texas, and Chicago.
  • Most Digitally Frustrated: When it comes to a digital “need for speed,” Chicago tops the ranks for its residents “hating to wait” for their PC to perform and takes the crown for the most “digitally frustrated” city in the United States. Residents of Phoenix, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Fla., and Dallas are also frustrated with their old technology.
  • Most Digitally Balanced: Residents of Los Angeles have a healthy relationship with their technology, ranking as the most “digitally balanced” U.S. city, using their PCs for both work and play. In fact, California appears to live up to its “laid back” reputation with three key cities making it into the Top 5: Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose, Calif. New York and Chicago rounded out the category.
  • Zen for the Holidays: Residents of the Big Apple believe a PC a day will keep the doctor away and rely on their PCs the most to alleviate daily stress. Residents of Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit and Phoenix also plan to keep their cool this holiday season by using their PCs.

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Survey Methodology
IDC conducted an online survey of 3,977 adults (at least 18 years of age) across several major cities and in suburban and rural areas across the United States in June. All respondents had at least one PC (Windows* or Mac*). The sample was structured to have quotas to capture roughly half the respondents who purchased a PC in the past 12 months and half who last bought a PC four or more years ago. The sample was also targeted to be split among age groups and gender. The data reported is not weighted. The study was designed to examine how consumers use and feel about their computing devices and to seek out differences by region, demographics, age of PC, etcetera. Forty-five percent of respondents had at least one tablet and 64 percent had at least one smartphone.

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1 Calculated by multiplying the average number of devices owned by the time spent on these devices per week. (X devices x Y hours per week).

2 The ranking surveyed adults in the top 15 metro cities in the U.S.

3 Measured on OEM system using battery life during local offline video playback of a 1080p MP4 in landscape mode. Measured on OEM system using MobileMark* 2012. For more information, see

4 As measured by 3Dmark11*, an industry standard benchmark from Futuremark*.

5 Software and workloads used in performance tests may have been optimized for performance only on Intel microprocessors. Performance tests, such as SYSmark and MobileMark, are measured using specific computer systems, components, software, operations and functions. Any change to any of those factors may cause the results to vary. You should consult other information and performance tests to assist you in fully evaluating your contemplated purchases, including the performance of that product when combined with other products.

6 Configurations:

4th generation Intel Core-based PC: Intel® Core™ i5-4200U Processor (up to 2.60GHz, 4T/2C, 3M Cache) for battery life measurements: On OEM Platform BIOS: OEM Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics (driver v. Memory: 4GB (2x2GB) Dual Channel LPDDR3 1600 Samsung SSD MZNTD128HAGM 128GB OS: Windows 8* Pro Build 9200 System Power Management Policy: Balance Wireless: On and connected

4 year old PC: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor P8600 (2.40GHz, 2T/2C, 3M Cache, 1066 MHz FSB)

On OEM Platform BIOS: OEM Graphics: Intel® GMA X4500HD (driver v. Resolution 1366×768 Memory: 4GB (2x2GB) Micron* DDR3 1066 7-7-7-20 HDD: Intel® Hitachi* HTS543232L9A300 320GB 5400 rpm 16MB cache OS: Windows* 7 Ultimate 6.1 Build 7601 System Power Management Policy: Windows Default LCD Size: 15.5″


7 Wake up = resume from system hibernate (S4)

8 Everyday computing = PCMark 7 Score

9 Video editing: Cyberlink Mediaespresso 6.7.3405

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