Intel 5G Technology at the US Open – It’s a Hole-in-One

  • Intel 5G Technology at the US Open
  • Intel 5G Technology at the 2018 US Open (B-Roll)

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What’s New: Live golf action from the 2018 U.S. Open was transmitted over a 5G network this month, as Intel, AT&T*, Ericsson* and Fox Sports* ran with a theory – that they could create new efficiencies in media distribution using ultra-high-definition cameras to stream 4K video over 5G, reducing the need for cables strung around the course.

“Intel technology is showing how broadcasters like Fox Sports can build new efficiencies for live sports over 5G, reducing cabling and on-site production costs, while bringing viewers a great 4K video experience right from the featured holes on the course.”
– Sandra Rivera, senior vice president and general manager, Network Platforms Group, Intel

How It Works: The team set up a live 5G link at the seventh hole at the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club course using the Intel® 5G Mobile Trial Platform acting as a 5G endpoint, Ericsson millimeter wave radio and antenna system and 4K UHD cameras. The action captured at the hole was sent via 5G using spectrum provided by AT&T to the Fox Sports production truck on-site, which encoded and decoded the stream, and from there the content was shared with golf fans on DIRECTV*.

Why It Matters: According to Fox Sports’ Michael Davies: “This trial with Intel and partners Ericsson and AT&T is giving the broadcast industry a seat at the table as the technology develops and we learn more about the opportunities and challenges of 5G.  We’ve never worked with technology that is as revolutionary as 5G before — the sky is really the limit on what is possible.”

The trial was a success and the companies will take the learnings from the U.S. Open and move forward, knowing that the use of 5G could be a literal game-changer.

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