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Intel and Blueprint Reality Put Creators First with New Partnership

Mixcast VR
Intel partners with Blueprint Reality on Mixcast, a mixed reality solution to show a virtual experience on a two-dimensional screen. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

As part of Intel’s ongoing commitment to delivering new and exciting virtual reality (VR) technologies, the company is partnering with Blueprint Reality* to power MixCast™, a powerful tool transforming how we create and view mixed reality content.

VR presents truly immersive experiences for the people directly interacting with the technology. At the same time, for those watching VR in the real world, it can be a struggle to see how the user engages in virtual environments. To address this challenge, Intel has partnered with Blueprint Reality for a mixed reality solution to show a virtual experience on a two-dimensional screen. Through a powerful broadcast and presentation system, users receive a blended experience of a real person interacting in a virtual world.

Press Kit: Virtual Reality

With the rise of livestreaming VR content through popular platforms such as Twitch* and YouTube Live*, the Blueprint Reality partnership marks a milestone in Intel’s ongoing commitment to evolve the VR experience. The power of mixed reality creates a new level of immersion for gamers and VR enthusiasts because of the tight integration of Intel hardware and Blueprint Reality software. For developers of VR content, educators demonstrating complex concepts or Twitch personalities who livestream their experiences, Intel’s compute power enables MixCast to provide near-instantaneous renderings of content.

The MixCast Studio application is available today as a monthly subscription on Steam*. For VR content developers seeking to enable MixCast support within VR games and experiences, the free MixCast SDK can be found at the Blueprint Reality website.

Kim Pallister, director of Intel’s VR Center of Excellence, will share more today during his session at VRDC. He will also discuss other key learnings Intel has uncovered in powering best-in-class VR experiences, aiding developers in the next evolution of content creation.

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