Intel Drones Go for Gold in Live Performance During 2018 Olympic Winter Games Closing Ceremony

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Intel Shooting Star drones form the image of Soohorang, the official Olympic mascot, walking in the sky as part of a Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 Closing Ceremony rehearsal. Intel is providing drone technology at the Olympic Winter Games, which began Feb. 9, 2018, in South Korea. (Credit: Getty Images)

During the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 Closing Ceremony, 300 Intel® Shooting Star™ drones took flight to celebrate the triumphant athletes who competed in this year’s games. The aerial performance painted colorful illustrations in the sky, including the Olympic mascot – Soohorang, the white tiger – who comes running in above the stadium, cheering on the athletes and creating a heart outline in the sky. The Intel Shooting Star drones create a volumetric heart, symbolic for gratitude and love towards the Olympic athletes.

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Intel kicked-off the Olympic Winter Games with a Guinness World Records* title-breaking performance of more than 1,200 drones flown simultaneously during a pre-recorded broadcast for the opening ceremony. Additionally, the Intel Shooting Star drones soared to celebrate the Olympians at nightly victory ceremonies – when weather  and logistics permitted – creating illustrations of Soohorang, the PyeongChang logo and athletes such as skiers, hockey players and curlers across the nighttime sky.

“Just like Soohorang, our Intel drones team has a challenging spirit and passion to push the limits and make amazing experiences possible,” said Natalie Cheung, general manager of the Intel drone light show team. “It’s been an honor to celebrate such magnificent athleticism and teamwork with Intel drone light shows, and a victory for us to see our animations of the games come to life.”

Intel has created an entirely new entertainment concept by producing drone light shows featuring hundreds of Intel Shooting Star drones all controlled by one pilot. The drones are custom-built for entertainment purposes with a lightweight structure. Each one emits more than 4 billion color combinations. Intel Shooting Star drones have starred in previous light shows at various high-profile marquee events in 10 different countries, most recently integrated with the Fountains of Bellagio at CES 2018.

For full details on Intel Shooting Star drones, read the drone show fact sheet. For information on Intel’s TOP worldwide partnership, visit the company’s Olympic Games news portal, which includes an interactive map of Intel’s activities in PyeongChang. For other details regarding the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, visit

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  • Intel Shooting Star drones form the image of Soohorang, the offi
  • Intel Shooting Star drones form to create the image of Soohorang
  • Intel Shooting Star drones form to create a heart in the sky as

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  • Intel Shooting Star Drones Light 2018 Olympic Winter Games Closing Ceremony
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