Intel Replays the Cheers and Tears of Basketball’s Best with New LeBron James Ad Featuring Intel 360 Replay Technology During NCAA Final Four Games

New Intel Sports Survey Reveals Fans Will Go to Extremes for VR and New Technologies to ‘Maximize March Madness’

As March Madness™ continues to rise, Intel Corporation is teaming up with LeBron James to showcase its Intel 360 replay technology that fans will experience in upcoming NCAA Final Four and Championship games. In a new 30-second spot debuting today titled “Baby Face,” James helps demonstrate how Intel 360 replay technology can let you see things from every angle. With a lighthearted approach, the ad shows James taking a 3-pointer and sinking the shot just before the buzzer goes off. Overwhelmed with emotion, James’ face morphs into a teary baby face as Intel’s 360 replay technology catches views of it from every angle, as fans cheer in the background.

The same Intel 360 replay technology displayed in the spot will be featured during the NCAA Final Four Semifinal and Championship games on April 1 and April 3.

“By featuring LeBron in our marketing, we draw a parallel between our high-performance brand and this high-performing athlete, while showing how Intel technology can deliver a sports experience like no other,” said Steve Fund, Intel’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer.

Press kit: Intel at 2017 March Madness
Press kit: The Digitization of Sports

Survey Says: Fans Want to ‘Maximize March Madness’

A new survey conducted by Intel with Turnkey Intelligence Research* reveals how far college hoops fans are willing to go to see their favorite teams play. The Intel survey “Maximize March Madness” finds that U.S. college basketball fans will go to dramatic lengths to watch their favorite teams – and are turning to new technologies to maximize their viewing options.

Key findings include:

  • Over 50 percent of respondents admitted they would lie to their boss by calling in sick and a quarter of respondents would claim to have a family crisis so they could watch a March Madness game if it conflicted with work.
  • The top three weirdest places fans reveled they would watch the games at work are the toilet stall (25 percent), under their desk (14 percent) and in their boss’ office (13 percent).
  • 42 percent of fans would sacrifice their own birthday party to see their favorite team win the championship, closely followed by giving up their entire vacation (22 percent), Wi-Fi for three months (20 percent), their best friend’s wedding (16 percent) and a big job interview (14 percent).

Maximize My Technology:

The survey found that a vast majority of people watch college basketball at home. This reality is one of the many reasons fans are turning to technology to satiate their “Madness.” Survey findings revealed:

  • 63 percent believe that more technology would make the viewing experience better.
  • Of those who have experienced a sporting event in VR, 89 percent rate it as positive.
  • Nearly 80 percent percent of college basketball fans stated they would pay $10 to watch the 2017 Championship Game in virtual reality from a front-row perspective.
  • 90 percent of sports fans believe 360-degree replays and VR improve the viewing experience.

To watch the National Semifinals and National Championship games in VR, download the 2017 NCAA March Madness Live VR app managed by Turner Sports* and powered by Intel True VR in the Oculus store.

Survey Methodology

The survey was conducted online within the United States by Turnkey Intelligence on behalf of Intel Corporation from March 10-15, 2017 among a nationally representative sample of 493 U.S. adults who are college basketball fans.

  • LeBron James is featured in Intel’s latest ad for Intel 360 Repl
  • Intel’s 360 Replay technology captures LeBron James’ facial reac
  • Intel’s 360 Replay technology captures LeBron James’ facial reac
  • Intel’s 360 Replay technology captures LeBron James’ facial reac

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