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Intel Unveils New Programs to Help Partners Connect, Innovate and Grow in a Data-Centric World

What’s New: Intel today shared additional details for its new Intel® Partner Alliance program and launched the Intel® Partner University training platform to help enable and empower partners to connect, innovate and grow. Intel Partner Alliance, which will launch in the second half of 2020, will unify Intel’s multiple partner programs and infrastructures into an integrated, modern and customized platform to accelerate innovation at scale. The unified program is designed to enhance the value, relevance and experience Intel delivers to partners.

“The proliferation of cloud and edge computing, the rollout of 5G, as well as the growth of AI and analytics have driven a seismic shift in how companies operate and serve their customers. Intel is making significant investments and actively preparing our partners to take advantage of these data-centric opportunities and grow their businesses.”
–Eric Thompson, Intel general manager of Global Partner Enablement

Why Intel Partner Alliance is Important: Intel recognizes that solutions to meet data-centric opportunities are becoming more complex and require a much greater degree of ecosystem collaboration. With the launch of Intel Partner Alliance, every member will find new value, like intelligent matchmaking, that connects them with partners and solutions specifically tailored to their business needs. This program brings together partner programs and partner roles under one umbrella to better facilitate collaboration and advanced solutions for growth.

Intel Partner Alliance program benefits include:

  • Expanded partner types catered to, such as cloud service providers, solution integrators and software vendors.
  • An increased focus on solutions and partner collaboration.
  • Improved training curriculum with specialized paths.
  • A unified, singular program with new value and an enhanced, streamlined experience.
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The Intel Partner University, launched Oct. 23, 2019, offers more than 200 hours of online training available in multiple languages. Optimized for mobile, the platform offers a variety of digital training formats, including live and on-demand trainings that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. (Credit: Intel Corporation)
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What the New Intel Partner University Includes: Driving innovative data-centric solutions requires knowledgeable partners, particularly those who have subject matter specialization in key advanced technologies. Intel Partner University will be a key capability to enabling growth through the new program. The new training platform is now available, ahead of the Intel Partner Alliance launch, and offers cutting-edge curriculum for Intel products with specialized learning paths and course recommendations.

Intel Partner University offers a variety of digital training formats, including live and on-demand trainings. Key benefits include:

  • Personalized recommendations: Intel Partner University delivers customized, relevant curriculum based on topics of interest and other previously taken trainings.
  • Competencies and badges: Competencies are curriculums that enable partners to build expertise in desired areas. Partners can complete competencies and earn digital badges to help customers recognize their “Pro” status due to the additional training.
  • Enhanced user experience: Intel Partner University has a streamlined design that makes browsing easy and intuitive. Optimized for mobile, the platform offers a variety of digital training formats, including live and on-demand trainings that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

How These Programs are Unique: The Intel Partner Alliance will connect Intel’s partner ecosystem that is unparalleled in reach with a global network of system manufacturers, integrators, solution providers, OEMs, resellers, retailers, FPGA designers and distributors in 170 countries and territories, across all industries. The Intel Partner University is one of the most in-depth partner training programs in the world, with more than 200 hours of online training available in multiple languages.

What’s Next: Recognizing partners need to work with others in the industry to deliver increasingly complex end-customer solutions, Intel will launch Intel® Solutions Marketplace, an innovative platform to facilitate real-time collaboration with experts across our global ecosystem. The Intel Solutions Marketplace is expected to launch in November.

More Context: Intel Partner Alliance Empowers Partners to Connect, Innovate and Grow (YouTube Video)

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